Malaysia Freelance Web Designer / Developer

We are web designer / developer who based in Penang, Malaysia. We are specialized in Content Management System (CMS) with our self-developed CMS which is high performance, clean, direct and simple to be used.

However, we also do provide services such as custom web design, custom template design, custom web development, open source content management system setup: WordPress / Drupal / Joomla, open source eCommerce setup: OpenCart /Prestashop

Our Content Management Features

Passionate & Experienced Web Developer

Programming and web developing is our passion!

Our web developer learned programming and programmed for more than 12 years.

Reasonable Price

We charge reasonable price. We don't charge too cheap as we hope to spend more time in your project, but not expensive for anybody to able to afford.


Web page developed by us will take care of responsive layout.

Your web page is browsable not only on computers but mobile devices.


We are precise to care about your user’s experience.


  • We use text whenever possible to make the web site more search engine friendly and lighter weight.
  • We always make the phone number a link so that the user using mobile to browse the web can make call by clicking the number directly:012-1234567


We don't use any website builder which is automated and not reliable.

We designed the web site so that if there is any error, it will automatically send an email to us.

Performance and Extensible

We use a famous Yii framework which is well known as a high performance and extensible PHP framework to develop website.

Performance of Yii: http://www.yiiframework.com/performance/
7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii: http://erickennedy.org/Drupal-7-Reasons-to-Switch

Clean and Simple

Do you think WordPress control panel is messy? Please try our self-developed CMS! It is clean and simple, yet provide all features you need!

Easy to Use

Hate to edit everything inside a editor? Now every field have their own house! Our web developer always keep in mind about user friendly.


Freelance web designer / developer

Passionate freelance web designer / developer who based in Penang, Malaysia who specialized and experienced for any PHP web development, worked as freelance web designer / developer after working in company for 3 years.


PHP Top 30% for PHP Test in odesk.com CSS HTML HTML5 JavaScript Yii Framework jQuery Bootstrap Facebook API OAuth
Adobe Photostop Adobe Illustrator

Skills of Common Project Types

Company Site / Products Site / Content Management System  


Photography / Gallery / Photo Album Site  







Blogs Directory

A project to provide a centralized blogs feed web application, letting user to subscribe and search blogs’ posts/articles more efficiently.

Features: FIRST blogs directory in Malaysia which able to grab blog feeds automatically.

URL: http://readme.my

Social Community Calendar

A project to provide a centralized calendar for non-profit social events.

Features: FIRST in Malaysia which allow user to add their event to a centralized calendar using Facebook event page "invite friend" feature. Hence, they can add their event to the calendar with a single click when inviting their friend to the event.

URL: http://event2u.com

High School Camp Website

A standard CMS website with news, events, photo gallery, videos, articles, etc.

URL: http://gaozhongying.event2u.com

Book Store Ecommerce

Ecommerce built with Prestashop with many customization, such as adding custom fields for products, added event management module, enhanced search feature to support both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese keywords.

URL: http://zbooks.my

Penang Book Fair

Simple content management system (CMS) for Penang Book Fair with a few content pages and a programme table.

URL: http://penangbook.event2u.com

Online Scheduling Tool

A website to provide online scheduling tool for user to create booking page for their space/room so that their customer can make booking online.

URL: https://on9scheduler.com/


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